The liberalization and the desired reduction in carbon emissions has put the structural change in the energy markets into motion. The liberalization has led, inter alia, that gas and electricity are traded on markets where the prices are determined by the marginal costs of different providers. The pursuit of emission reduction leads to investments in renewable energy and changes the use of fossil fuelled power plants.

The effect of these and possible new changes such as investments in (renewable) energy should be financially calculated thoroughly. Essential is using a top-down approach, viewed from the value chain and existing infrastructure, and compared with its alternatives.

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dr. Ronald Huisman

Ronald Huisman is experienced as a business entrepreneur in the field of energy finance and associate professor at the section Finance of the Department of Business Economics of the Erasmus School Economics. He embodies the example of research meets practice. With over 25 scientific publications in top energy finance journals and 15 years of experience in the energy markets he is specialized in the financial dynamics of the energy markets.

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