“Quality research in Energy Finance to foster a more energy sustainable economy”

The research activities are performed by our team, which offer unparalleled expertise. We combine a wealth of experience in corporate finance, risk management and investment decisions with a deep and broad understanding of the energy markets.

We perform applied research in two different streams:

Corporate finance and investment topics in (sustainable) energy markets

In this stream of contract research we analyse topics in the energy sector from a financial economic perspective. For instance, the development of calculation models for investments in (sustainable) energy and the creation of future long-term economic scenarios and investment strategies. We also focus on the advancement of funding of sustainable energy technologies by comparing and assessing existing financial structures.

Sustainable energy benchmark

The second stream of contract research analyses the risk return performance of investments in sustainable energy. We create a sustainable energy benchmark with a clear focus on investing in the value chain of sustainable energy. With maintaining an active database with the recent and historical investment performance of listed and non-listed clean-tech companies we write sustainable energy benchmark investment strategies.